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Buy or sell your boat
Malu Marine have introduced a high quality second hand boat sale. See more for our introductory offer.
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Testing electric drive
The mark 3 electric drive has arrived and will be tested on King Malu over the summer.
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Malu Marine are now the Cyprus representative for AMEC, one of the best AIS systems i the world.
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News about our yacht and sailing
The activities and adventures of the yacht and crew of King Malu.



Malu Marine specialises in electrics and engines. We have rewired completely one commercial boat and our mechanics serviced hundreds of engines. Alongside this we distribute Malu Marine branded sails made for us by one of the UK's foremost sailmakers.

  • Wiring problems and solutions
  • Safe shore power connections
  • Inboard and outboard engines
  • AIS
  • Sails and sail repairs


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Malu Marine Ltd was started by Tim Price and Richard Fairhead as a result of finding some missing services and products for their own yacht in Cyprus.

Sailing is our passion.

Tim comes from a family of three generations of sea captains and first learnt to sail 45 years ago. He has sailed on the Atlantic, Indian and Southern Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

Since reading 'Swallows and Amazons' as a kid Richard longed to sail. Since he doesn't swim too well, his parents therefore thought it too dangerous. But for the past 7 years has been sailing almost every weekend.